Help Me Choose™ is a consumer comparison service that helps you make better decisions by making it easy for you to evaluate and rank various choices using your own preferences and information.

The five simple steps are: (1) specify the kind of decision you want to make and your various choices; (2) indicate the criteria that are important to you; (3), adjust the relative importance of your criteria (unless they are all equal); (4) evaluate each of your choices; and (5) review your results.

Of course you can also go back and change the importance of the criteria or your evaluation of each of the choices and see the effect on your decision.

When you are done you can email yourself (and your friends) a copy of the analysis, print it out, or just feel more confident in your selection. DiaDon is different because it does all of the math for you and uses your unbiased information and preferences rather than those of others.

You gather your information, specify what is important and conduct your own evaluation. After all - it is your decision. The DiaDon approach is based upon Multi-Attribute Decision Making and Subjective Expected Utility, one of the most popular decision making methodologies. The basic idea breaks choices down into a collection of attributes which collectively account for the total decision. Each rating of an attribute is multiplied by each weight and then summed to determine the overall score which DiaDon™ converts to a range of between zero and ten.

This approach is commonly taught in business schools and is used by virtually every industrialized organization.

Help Me Choose™ is provided by DiaDon™, an operating unit of Octothorpe Software Corporation. More information is available from the website.

Help Me Choose™ Version 4.4

Five Simple Steps